Sherry Gaba

Take my quick quiz to see if you are a love addict.  Love addiction causes a lot of emotional pain and leads to the inability to have healthy, loving, long-lasting relationships.  Just note on a pad or paper your answers to these questions.  Then send me your name and email to get your results.  You'll also receive my monthly newsletter and, as a free gift to you for taking the quiz, I am giving you my e-book, Filling the Empty Heart:  5 Keys to Transforming Love Addiction.

My wish for you is that you have the healthy, loving, successful relationships you so deserve.




Are you obsessed with  love as expressed in music, movies and books?

Have you ever tried to talk yourself into loving someone even if you weren't into just because you didn't want to be alone?

Have you ever  tried to change someone when your intuition says "it is not the right person"  but you try to fix him or her anyway out of fear of being alone?

Have you kept going back to a bad relationship or stayed with someone you are not happy with  because you couldn't stand to be alone?

When you are in a monogamous relationship, do you continually fantasize about past lovers thinking maybe you made a mistake and should have stayed in one of your past relationships?

Since you were a teenager was there ever a time that you didn't jump into another relationship when one ended or already had someone waiting in the wing before a committed relationship was over?

Have you ever been able to heal from the ending of a relationship without running to replace the failed one?

Do you get all your self esteem by the relationship you are in?

Do you ever feel high from romance or fantasy?

Do you have a feeling of emptiness when away from your partner or lover?

Do you believe being in a romantic relationship is the only way you can feel joy?

Do relationships help fill the voids in your life or allow you to escape when life is getting you down?

Have you had sex with someone so they won't leave you or think they will want you more?

Are romantic relationships the only way you feel alive?

Do you feel someone is a soul mate at a first encounter?