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Each of the products offered are ones I believe in and ones I know can make a difference in your life.

Make sure to watch my video about my new Somatic Recovery Technique and read about the Special Offers below.


With gratitude,

“OK, I was visible and felt fear in my body & felt the love and light of the nurturing group. While still on the line, I did not feel a release of the fear responses - then I cried and sobbed and hugged me and felt anger and fear and futility And saw that my sharing created an opening that was awesome. And still cried and bounced and made noises and shook hands and body and cried and walked around and wanted the whole shift of my life - like NOW. and heard.. baby steps.. seeing "what about bob' smile Then sighs and deep breaths and letting it go - or letting it transmute into something else in me and in the energies. Ahhhhh Thank you Sherry and Jennifer and all the group, I still feel the love & light. Baby steps. But a Giant one tonight for me and for mankind. heheeee love & smiles”

Eesha – Greenwood, AR (using SRT with Sherry on a live teleseminar)


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Somatic Recovery Technique plus Wisdom Within the Temple – MP3/CD

Get the most amazing system to access and transform any life challenge, whether it is a physical or emotional dis-ease, or an imbalance in abundance.   Through my remarkable Somatic Recovery Technique, I will guide you to that wisdom in this powerful 5-part series.   Not only will you have my incredible workshop audio series (Wisdom Within the Temple) to help you raise your vibration and take your being to the next level, you’ll also have 7 focused and incredibly empowering audio tracks.
Each track offers insights into each of my 7-Steps of the Somatic Recovery Technique system, offering the insights, philosophies AND processes you can use over and over again, PLUS affirmations to apply to each step. Choose the option that is right for you.  Product Delivery is via McLean Masterworks. 

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How to Attract Positive Energy – Special Package!

This seven lessons audio course is a breakthrough program designed to help you reach new levels of purpose while eliminating all limiting beliefs and damaging habits from your life.
You will benefit and grow through a blend of scientific research, questions, case studies, positive affirmations, and meditations. You will attract positive energy to create and maintain the life of your dreams while, at the same time, eliminating all addictions and barriers.

Option One    Option Two

You will learn seven action steps for attracting positive energy including:

  • Finding Your Purpose with Intention
  • Live a Life that Is True to Your Values
  • Live a Life of Authenticity
  • Learning to Live in Appreciation, Forgiveness, and Compassion
  • Living a Life of Right Action
  • Living with Awareness & Mindfulness
  • Learning to Let Go of Resistance and Attachments

"This audio workbook is my Guide to Life! I've struggled way too long with drugs, alcohol, over eating, & even a work-a-holic trying to block the pain & guilt for the death of my son. Every chapter has taught me a lesson that I use in my life today. I can honestly say, I Have a LIFE, and I want to LIVE it now!!! Thank you for this audio, and thank you for helping me find a reason to live again."  ~~Forever Happy - Sharen

Bundled with this offer is:

  • The Law of Sobriety Digital Book Download
  • Two Meditations
  • Relapse Prevention Audio
  • A Live Group Coaching Workshop

Choose the Option that is best for you.  Product Delivery through McLean Masterworks. 
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